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Qui est Rotomec! Une entreprise internationale avec plus de 50 ans d'expérience dans la conception technique et dans la production de machines, avec trois usines aux Etats Units et en Europe. A partir de ces trois établissements, nous exportons des machines et des composants dans le monde entier. Dès le début de notre activité, en 1947, notre but principal a toujours été de satisfaire le client.

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Rotomec spa
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Rotomec spa est importateur exclusif en Europe des produits Befco inc., Rocky Mount, North Carolina, U.S.A.

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Front mounted gang finishing mower.
50-80 Hp (37-59 KW)
540 rpm


Hydro-Mec foldedThe Cyclone Flex "Hydro-Mec" is a front mounted three point hitch gang finishing mower made up by three totally independent mowers and with a total working width of 480 cm.
The two side mowers come in a working width of 150 cm and are driven by a hydraulic transmission. The central mower is 210 cm wide and is P.T.O. driven. This allows for the central mower to be detachable from the main frame and can be used as a common three spindle finishing mower with the same tractor.
The Flex "Hydro-Mec" is typically designed for tractors with a reversible drive with powers ranging from 50 to 80 Hp.
The "wrap-around" design of the main frame, allows for a good weight distribution on the tractor. The maximum tractor width allowed to be able to fit into the frame is 160 cm between the outer wheels.
Each individual mower comes equipped with four pneumatic tires, front antiscalp rollers and floating hitches to allow it to work completely independent from the others. The side mowing decks can be raised up to a full 90° for transport or storage and in this case the Flex "Hydro-Mec" is 280 cm wide and 210 cm high.
The Hydraulic transmission of the lateral decks also permits the side decks to be raised while mowing through tight spots or between obstacles. If the side decks are raised while mowing, the blades on these will shut off automatically when the deck reaches an angle greater then 30°.
The front mower is equipped with the original Rotomec mechanical transmission and can be raised by using the lift on the tractor.
The normal hydraulic working pressure is 130/150 bar, the system however is calibrated to reach a maximum working pressure of 250 bar. If this pressure level is reached the motors stop running and the pump idles in order to prevent any damage to the hydraulic circuit.
The hydraulic system is in series: the oil flows from the pump to the first motor and then enters the second one. This system allows to have a constant pressure between the two motors. Even if the two hydraulically driven side decks work in very different grass conditions (example: one is mowing high grass while the other is mowing short grass), the rpm number on both hydraulic motors remains the same and therefore the cut is always accurate and uniform. The hydraulic system designed by Rotomec requires a relatively small oil tank because it has a closed circuit, the flowing oil quantity is always the same. The Flex "Hydro-Mec" also comes with an electric fan cooling system that starts automatically when the oil reaches a high temperature.

Cyclone Flex "Hydro-Mec"
Mulching Kit
The optional mulching kit
reduces grass residues
to invisible humus.
Cyclone Flex "Hydro-mec", pour tracteurs jusqu'à 80 Cv, PDF 540 tr/min, attelage cat. 1
Modèle Largeur de travail cm. Encombrement total cm. Largeur de transport cm. Hauteur de transport cm. Poids kg. # Lames Hauteur de coupe mm. # Courroires & Type # Roues & Dimensions Cardan
1 3/8"
Hydro-Mec 480 490 280 210 1080 9 25-125 6 SPBX 12-250x80 ASAE cat. 4

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