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About Rotomec!
Rotomec USA is part of an international group with over 50 years of experience in engineering and production with three facilities spread throughout North America and Europe. From these plants we distribute machines and components all over the world. Since 1947, when we started our manufacturing enterprise, customer satisfaction has always been our constant goal!

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Rotomec USA LLC.
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Tel.: 252 977 2010
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Finishing mowers
Finishing mowers

Finishing mowers. Rotomec finishing mowers are engineered to ensure continued professional service year after year. Sturdy deck construction, 30 Hp gearbox, quick and easy mowing height adjustment and heavy duty solid rubber tires are just a few of the features that make Rotomec a name you can trust.
The Rotomec finishing mower is available for tractors ranging from 16 to 28 Hp at 540 rpm. Three versions are manufactured: their working widths are 48", 60" & 72" respectively. Follow the link below to learn more about our finishing mowers.

Click here to learn more about Rotomec Finishing mowers

Rotary tillers
Rotary tillers

Rotary tillers. The Rotomec rotary tillers come standard with an extremely simple yet rugged side shift system which allows the operator to either till in the shifted position and therefore over the right tractor tire and closer to obstacles or in the normal centered one like all standard tillers. The sturdy, versatile, Rotomec tiller offers many money saving features and is ideal for use by farmers, landscape contractors, vegetable growers, nurseries, orchards, vineyards etc.
Features include: rugged gearbox, telescopic safety shielding, hinged adjustable heavy gauged tail gate, solid steel center shaft, full size knives, wear protection chain case cover, excheangable sprockets for 2 rotor speeds. The tillers are avialable in 50", 58" & 66" working widths for tractors ranging from 20 to 40 Hp at 540 rpm. Follow the link below to learn more about our rotary tillers.

Click here to learn more about Rotomec Rotary tillers

Rotary tillers
Rotary tillers

Post hole diggers. Rotomec post hole diggers are constructed with heavy walled piping and sturdy gearboxes to ensure reliability whether it’s for landscaping, farming or industrial purposes. Choose from four models of diggers, and auger sizes ranging from 6” for small post holes, all the way up to 30” holes for tree root balls. Drivelines are fully shielded with shearpin safety. Rotomec post hole diggers are available at participating John Deere® dealers.

Click here to learn more about Rotomec Post hole diggers

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