20-70 HP (15-52 KW)
cat. 1 & 2

The Core Aerator is designed to allow better air and water circulation in grass surfaces, such as lawns, sports fields, municipal parks and golf courses.
The Core Aerator uses case hardened closed spoons bolted on rotor flanges that are spaced 16.5 cm between each other. These spoons can remove up to a 7.5 cm plug.
This design will ensure an even aeration across the working width of the machine.
They work well on large lawns and high-traffic areas such as school grounds, municipal parks and sports fields. Eight spoons per hub allow you to penetrate heavy thatch and tough soils to break up soil compaction and revitalize lawns.
Available options include special steel solid spikes instead of the hollow spoons and weight tanks to increase the down pressure of the spoons.


Attacco a tre punti reversibile per applicazione frontale o posteriore

Three point hitch Cat. 1 and 2 front or rear mounting

Dual rear roller mounting position, inside or outside the cutting chamber

Two bronze bushins per rotor

Manual or hydraulic side-shift up to 40 cm

Eight spoons per flange

Manual or hydraulic side-shift up to 40 cm

Choice of spoons or spikes

Technical features

HP 20-70
cm 150
cm 165
mm 114
Kg 200
mm 490×550
Kg 86


HP 20-70
cm 180
cm 198
mm 114
Kg 250
mm 650×550
Kg 113


Optional equipment

0099734 BCA-260

0099735 BCA-272

Tank (each)

0099919 BCA-260

0099920 BCA-272

Rotor with spikes, additional


Other models


25-70 HP (19-52 KW)
540 rpm
cat. 1


25-70 HP (19-52 KW)
cat. 1