40-90 HP (30-67 KW)
540 rpm – cat. 1 & 2

The Destroyer D90 is a sturdy, professional and easy to use shredder engineered for tractors from 40 to 90 HP with category 1 and 2 three point hitch. It is especially designed to offer the best performance in cutting and pulverizing corn stalks and other row crops, heavy grass from set-aside fields, tree prunings in orchards, municipal mowing and wherever professional, accurate and safe shredding are required. It is available in 3 working widths of 150, 180 and 220 cm. The unit is equipped with a belt driven transmission with 4 XPBX type belts and a manual belt tensioner. The rotor has a diameter of 133 mm and carries heavy hammer type blades capable of cutting stalks up to 5 cm of diameter. The D90 comes standard with a hydraulic cylinder that allows the operator to offset the shredder up to 40 cm to the right (30 cm on the 150 cm wide model). The cutting height can vary from a minimum of 2 cm to a maximum of 13 cm and is adjusted through the rear roller which is also equipped with a roller scraper. The driveline is equipped with an overrunning clutch.


Attacco a tre punti reversibile per applicazione frontale o posteriore

Reversible three point hitch for front or rear tractor mounting

Dual rear roller mounting position, inside or outside the cutting chamber

Gearboxes manufactured by Rotomec

Manual or hydraulic side-shift up to 40 cm

Hammer type blades ideal for stalks up to 5 cm in diameter

Manual or hydraulic side-shift up to 40 cm

Hydraulic cylinder for side shift

Choice of fine cut blades, dethatching blades, reverse ‘Y’ blades, paddle blades or hammer type blades

Rear roller for cutting height adjustment equipped with roller scraper

Technical features

HP 40-90
cm 150
cm 175
cm 110
Kg 570
r.p.m. 1.961
m/s 42
mm 20/130
1 3/8″ ASAE cat. 6


HP 50-90
cm 180
cm 205
cm 138
Kg 610
r.p.m. 1.961
m/s 42
mm 20/130
1 3/8″ ASAE cat. 6


HP 60-90
cm 220
cm 245
cm 155
Kg 676
r.p.m. 1.961
m/s 42
mm 20/130
1 3/8″ ASAE cat. 6


Optional equipment


Dual PTO, additional


Side skids


Other models


16-40 HP (12-30 KW)
540, 1000, 2000 rpm
cat. 1


30-70 HP (22-52 KW)
540 rpm
cat. 1 & 2